The city fairies ritual boxes were consciously curated with useful accessories and tools, to guide and expand your personal ceremonies. You can use its contents during your self-care routines, completed with journaling, meditation, yoga and other therapeutic exercises. The magic pouch fits the smaller items so you can take them with you during your travels as well. 


There are many years of research and planning behind these packages. We decided to create four versions, based on the four classical elements, so everyone can pick the one that calls to them the most. The sourcing and making of the contents were done ethically and in an eco conscious manner.


There are only a limited number of boxes available from this collection 


We wish you magical rituals!





Fire is one of the classical elements.

Remember you are made from fire. You burn, tame, adapt and give warmth.

The element of fire symbolizes the power and passion within us, which we can support with movement and creativity. Travel deep into the forgotten corners of your soul, and discover what is the special and unique power that nourishes your fire. What guides you and what ignites you? Follow your intuition and find your inner strength.


What's in the box?

Consciously curated by the city fairies. 

We use recycled paper and sustainable packaging. 


Magic pouch

Made from recycled second-hand clothing items, these magic pouches can fit the tools for your ritual, so you can carry them with you anywhere.


Eco-friendly and sustainable, made locally by a lovely sewing lady, designed by the city fairies


Lunar calendar

Follow the moon’s phases and connect with the lunar flow with this calendar, made from recycled paper.


Eco-friendly, printed locally, designed by PaperchainG (hand drawn by our very own Brigi)



Carnelian (rough) - This stone enhances endurance and perseverance. It gives your soul new energy, strengthens inner motivation and strength.

Country of origin: Brazil


It was very important for us to include clean crystals in these packages that were sourced ethically, so we worked with a distributor who specializes in this. Each stone is unpolished and naturally, each crystal is unique and different. They have been thoroughly cleansed energetically, but we also recommend you to wash it off with salt water and charge it under the New or Full Moon.


Our supplier ethically sources from local artisanal and small businesses, using licensed mines and polishing factories.


Affirmation card

Deepen your ritual with this affirmation and graphic, which connects with this element's properties through it’s colours and visuals.


Eco-friendly, made locally, designed by the city fairies)hand drawn by our very own Brigi)


Palo santo

Use the sacred burning stick of indigenous people of South America, for cleansing and energizing. Its many beneficial properties include calming nerves and enhancing creativity.


Burning the sticks should be done with an open window, because the smoke itself absorbs negative energies, illness, anger, and eliminates these as it flies away. 


We did thorough research when sourcing palo santo, since it only grows naturally in forests of Peru and Ecuador, it was important for us to make sure they are coming from TRUE and sustainable conditions. In sustainable forests they elaborate parts of the bark without harming the tree, and only at certain times and certain amounts, so the living tree is not damaged. They only process wood that has been found to have died naturally in the forest. Moreover, it was also very important for us to support locals with our purchase, and to get their permission to include it in this package. 


Ethically sourced directly from a sustainable forest in Ecuador, protecting the ancestral authenticity and knowledge of the locals. EcuadorianHands gave their blessing to include their artisan product in this set.










You can intuitively choose which ritual set resonates with you the most (or with whom you want to gift it to). You can also pick the element, which your star sign belongs under. On the other hand, you may choose one that your star chart lacks, and therefore needs strengthening the most. 


Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces



Air - Earth

Fire - Water


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