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We are all creative beings. This video series is an opportunity for you to reawaken and nourish your creative side, which in effect can ignite your inner fire, uplift your mood and motivation, and boost your everyday problem solving skills and confidence.

I invite you to join me in creating visual potions for your soul.


The Art Rituals package includes 4 videos:

⤀ Mystical colours 
⤀ Blooming sacred geometry
⤀ Energising symbols
⤀ Inner power sigils

All of the classes are pre-recorded, which gives you freedom to work through them at your own pace. You will have permanent access to all the content and come back to it whenever you want to. There is no previous art experience required, this series was especially targeted to those not practising art regularly. If you are an artist, it can refill your inspiration cup, and spark creativity if you are feeling stuck. 

Tools you will need:
notebook or journal
fine liner pen
colour pencils 

Optional tools:
colour markers
Watercolour palette and paintbrush

art rituals logo_no background.PNG
Reconnect to your inner magic and creativity.

Admission fee to access Art Rituals video package is 25 EUR (or 9,600 HUF)


or register to make payment via bank transfer or Revolut. 

Details will be sent in an automatic confirmation email from

Please get in touch if you don't receive it!

Thanks for submitting!

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